Driver Reconing

Driver re-coning and re-edging is a relatively straight forward process. We have been re-coning for many many years, and are very familiar with just about all manufacturers in common use. Trained by JBL as a re-coning station, we are conscientious about the work itself mechanically, but also the appearance. We are partial, and ONLY accept JBL drivers for service, no other brands. You will be presented with a properly functioning driver, that will not only sound exactly as it was meant to, but will also look like it was meant to. No blobs of glue all over the place, no sloppy workmanship. Just excellent results whether you use OEM components (if available), or quality aftermarket components that we have a very reliable, consistent quality source for. We have had no problems with the latter, and out regular customers of this service have invariably been pleased with their performance. We have how-to videos available should you choose to try it at home.

Here is an example of an AWFUL “professional” re-cone brought to us by a customer. Never mind the hole, but rather the disgusting cap adhesive work:


We took care of that with the full stripping of both baskets and a fresh pair of kits. Heres the quick view:






Next is a request to convert a pair of E-155 18″ drivers to a pair of 2245H 18″ drivers. No problem:



A pair of 128H drivers: