Analogue Sources

A lot of people, including us at Stereo Rehab, very much enjoy the better quality of sound our analogue sources provide over zeros and ones from a CD or mp3 player. This is why we are rather obsessive when it comes to these units being exactly on spec and performing as they were designed to. When any analogue source is serviced, primarily cassette and open reel decks, as well as turntables and tuners, the customers concern is addressed, but we do not stop at just that. Part of the service is a complete alignment of the unit as a matter of standard practice.


We preserve and maintain FACTORY alignment tapes for cassette, open reel, 8-Track, and DAT. In the case of tape machines, the entire tape contact path (and we mean EVERYTHING) is completely cleaned of all oxide deposits including guide posts, capstan, pinch roller, erase and PB/REC heads and optical and/or mechanical sensors if equipped. If guide posts are heavily worn or grooved, they are rotated to fresh surfaces to maintain accurate tape travel. Open reel decks and better cassette decks are dependent on their brakes for proper handling of tape during winding, but remember that back tension, torque, actual capstan speed, azimuth, etc. are all extremely important for proper recording and playback. All mechanical functions are set using proper scales and torque measuring devices. The capstan is also resurfaced to remove glazing and is then polished without changing its overall diameter. All metallic parts in contact with the tape are fully demagnetised. All switches and potentiometers are washed with Caig Deoxit, then rinsed a second time.



Tape speed is always set with correct alignment tape frequencies for exact frequency count and never by ear for a “close enough” setting. Meters are aligned and calibrated, PB level and equalisation set to NAB standards. Record level, record equalisation and bias (per customers preferred tape type) is also set. Any and ALL belts, idlers and tires resurfaced or, if required, replaced to achieve complete reliability and proper operation long term. Final post recording deck alignment is verified on an external machine after making a recording on the customers deck to verify accuracy.


Turntables are serviced for exact speed, handling of record, VTA, tracking weight, tracking bias, motor noise isolation, speed adjustment (if provided) whether mechanical or electronic, reject (if automatic), and structural integrity. In addition, the platter shaft (if serviceable) is polished, motor bearing lubricated (ball bearing, sleeve bearing, or sintered bronze bearing), all existing lubricants removed, and fresh proper lubricants used including the bearing pivot points for the tone-arm axis points.




Precision, ACCURATE tuner alignment is never a problem, solid state or tube based. We maintain our RF and MPX generators so that your tuner is dead on accurate, RF and IF peaked, drift free, and operates exactly as it was designed to. No guessing what station you are tuned to, so that 98.7 on the dial is exactly 98.7. The MPX decoder delivers a true stereo signal. The same is done for AM at no additional charge, whether you plan on using it or not. Its all about you receiving your equipment back working perfectly, every time.