As always, appointments are never required and never have been to come in. Feel free to visit when your schedule allows on any Friday or Saturday, 12pm-8pm.

Stereo Rehab exclusively serves the audio community for their service needs. Stereo Rehab does NOT sell audio equipment of any type.

Stereo Rehab is set in a very casual, yet clean, neat and orderly environment. There is no pretense or “audiofool” snobbery. If your desire is to be pampered and bullshitted, sold modifications for performance fantasies at the expense of your wallet and equipments reliability, this is not the place to come. We are direct, speak forthcomingly and in the common tongue, and will not try to sell people on services that are not needed as so often happens. This approach usually doesn’t mesh well with folks that are overly sensitive to hearing the truth, or have been misled by forum non-sense and most “repair” shops that are just looking to make a buck off of you. Everything about Stereo Rehab is the exact opposite, on purpose, of the way most places operate. It is also the main reason why a large percentage of our customers come from these other shops in the first place. There is no one here with weird beards, odd haircuts or hair colours, all kinds of objects stapled into their face, or those that generally appear as unclean washed up musicians or out-of-work rock-band roadies. Just regular people, all of which have a common interest: audio, and their equipment operating correctly. Many friendships have formed between customers hanging out and talking whilst picking up and dropping off their equipment at Stereo Rehab.


Stereo Rehab does NOT engage in any forms of modifications, so-called “upgrades”, or any alterations to a units original design. We stand with what is proven, stable, consistent and reliable, no exceptions. This also includes non-original and cheap looking LED illumination. Far too much equipment is already being ruined in the name of these “improvements” elsewhere, and in many cases these pieces of gear wind up being problematic, non-functional, listed on eBay “as-is” or just outright ruined. We feel if a person is buying or already owns a piece of equipment for what it represents in the history of audio, it should be left as it was designed and restored. We consider our customers custodians of the equipment, not consumers. It should not be altered in the name of subjective or on-line forum recommended “improvements”.


We are constantly hearing from new customers about negative experiences with far too many “stereo repair” shops. After taking their units in, the original problem never seems to be corrected. They get their unit back not working properly, failing again shortly thereafter, or even physically damaged. Missing parts, mis-matched screws, loose panels/parts or just general half-assed workmanship is a common complaint. There is also this widespread nonsense with people paying some goof to recap a unit, and being grossly overcharged for often times unnecessary work. Remember, re-capping does not, ever, constitute proper service. That’s just parts changing, which is exceedingly common. Just because a unit turns on and makes sound, that never indicates that it is operating correctly.



From the moment you first arrive, all the way through to the audition of your completed equipment in the listening room upon pick-up, your unit is respected and properly serviced. Once completed, our invoicing company automatically emails the customer a full 100% detailed report of every single thing that was done, to the letter, not a generic “bad part changed”. When the unit is picked up, a hard copy of the invoice accompanies the unit which serves as both the receipt for your method of payment, and your warranty of a full year, on the entire chassis. The final product is a properly operating piece, ready to be placed back into your system with absolute confidence in performance. All service on all equipment is done correctly the first time, every time. There are occasionally hiccups, though even then we still stand behind the equipment.


For reference, Stereo Rehab IS NOT accepting any units for service that are shipped in. Only units that are brought in, assessed and evaluated with the units owner present, auditioned in person by the units owner upon completion, and picked up in person by the units owner are accepted.