Stereo Rehab exclusively serves the audio community for their service needs. We do not sell equipment. Our wide range of services include everything from basic maintenance and cleaning, to complete restorations and everything in between. Stereo Rehab is set in a very casual, yet clean, neat and orderly environment. There is no pretense or “audiofool” snobbery. Many friendships have formed between customers hanging out and talking whilst picking up and dropping off their equipment at Stereo Rehab.

Stereo Rehab does NOT engage in any forms of modifications, so-called “upgrades”, or any alterations to a units original design. We do not follow trends or whatever is the latest hype. Trends come and always go. We stand with what is proven, stable, consistent and reliable, no exceptions. This also includes non-original and cheap looking LED illumination. Far too much equipment is already being ruined in the name of these “improvements” elsewhere, and in far too many cases these pieces of gear wind up being problematic, non-functional, listed on eBay “as-is” or just outright ruined. We will not be part of that, even if requested. We feel if a person is buying or already owns a piece of equipment for what it represents in the history of audio, it should be left as it was designed and restored, not altered in the name of subjective or on-line forum recommended “improvements”. Plenty of people and “repair” shops will, and already do offer owners of fine equipment all kinds of silly services to increase their profits, and in their wake leave molested stereo gear. In the end, the owner bears the burden of dealing with someone’s idea of what’s “better” when in reality it’s only “different” and often worse. The owner of the gear is just about always left with a lighter pocketbook as well. Again, we will not be part of that.

We are constantly hearing from new customers about negative experiences with far too many “stereo repair” shops around Chicago, and those abroad share similar accounts. After taking their units in, the original problem never seems to be corrected. They get their unit back not working properly, failing again shortly thereafter, or even physically damaged. Missing parts, mis-matched screws, loose panels/parts or just general half-assed workmanship is a common complaint. Thats unfortunate being as it does not need to be that way. There is also this wide spread non-sense with people paying some goof to re-cap a unit, and being grossly overcharged for often times un-necessary work. Remember, re-capping does not, ever, constitute proper service. Thats just parts changing, which is exceedingly common. Just because a unit turns on and makes sound, that never indicates that it is operating correctly.

Generally, there is no actual appreciation for the equipment, even less is provided to the users of the equipment. That is what differentiates us from most places. We are users of the same gear, we do not just see it work, or a way to make a living. Audio is all we do, and we do it RIGHT.

Our inventory is always kept fully stocked in parts, unlike most companies that order them only when needed to stretch a penny. Seriously, thats not cheap, but this allows us to have exactly what we need, right when it’s needed. We do NOT use off-brand components, or generic/aftermarket/counterfeit (Chinese) devices from places like e-Bay, several wholesale parts vendors or on-line vendors. There is an ongoing HUGE issue with people buying these parts, installing them, and having gear continuously fail when driven to what would be its normal abilities. Just because its the same part number, that does not mean its a real part.

Once a unit is completed, our invoicing company automatically sends the customer a full report of everything that was done, and in that mail is a secure portal for payment. When the unit is picked up, a hard copy of the invoice accompanies the unit which serves as both the receipt and your warranty. The final product is a properly operating piece, ready to be placed back into your system with absolute confidence in performance. All service on all equipment is done correctly the first time, every time.