Stereo Rehab exclusively serves the audio community. Our wide range of services include everything from basic maintenance and cleaning, to complete restorations and everything in between.

We are constantly hearing from new customers about negative experiences with far to many “repair” shops around Chicago, and those abroad share similar accounts. After taking their units in, the original problem never seems to be corrected. They get their unit back not working properly, missing parts, failing again shortly thereafter, or ever damaged.

There is no actual appreciation for the equipment, even less is provided to the users of the equipment. That is what differentiates us from most places! We are users of the same gear, we do not just see it work, or a way to make a living. Audio is all we do, and we do it RIGHT.

We offer efficient and timely service. Our inventory is fully stocked in parts, unlike most companies that order them only when needed. This allows us to have exactly what we need when it’s needed.

Once a unit is completed, our invoicing company automatically sends the customer a full report of everything that was done, and in that mail is a secure portal for payment. When the unit is picked up, a hard copy of the invoice accompanies the unit which serves as both the receipt and your warranty. The final product is a properly operating piece, ready to be placed back into your system with absolute confidence in performance. All service on all equipment is done correctly the first time, every time.